International Mobility

European Heritage Areas in Adult Education – a comprehensive plan for the development of competence of the Villa Decius Association staff



A high quality cultural and educational offer can only be created if cultural managers are constantly developing. It is necessary to follow trends and exchange good practices as well as to search for new forms and methods of education. The main objective of the project is to strengthen the international character of the organization by increasing the competence of the team (people involved in adult education programs). The programme includes activities in the form of “job shadowing” in recommended European institutions, carrying out activities in a similar thematic area, study tours to conferences, language courses. Institutions and projects covered by mobility have a common denominator in the form of historic buildings, similar programme profiles, (adult) groups of recipients, while what is different about what will be transferred is, for example, the range of activities, the level of use of modern technologies, the volunteer involvement level, methods of financing and cultural context. The project also includes language courses and training to meet the current needs of the team. Long-term benefits include the preparation of an enriched programme offer of non-formal education for adults, the introduction of innovative methods of heritage interpretation, European standards, attracting new Polish and foreign-language audiences, and at the international level positioning a strong centre combining international academic, cultural and civic communities.



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