Residents of the 2019 Screenwriting Scholarships at Villa Decius!

Residents of Writing Scholarships 2019 at Villa Decius


Screenwriting Scholarships 2019 is a program implemented by the Villa Decius Association together with the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation aimed at screenwriters, film writers, radio writers, theater writers and authors of screenplays for computer games and board games from Poland and Germany. The scholarship was awarded to four artists who will come to Krakow for a one-month residency stay in two editions: summer (in August) and autumn (in November).




Since the beginning of August we have been hosting Marta Dzido and Anastasia Gorokhova at Villa Decius as part of the Screenwriting Scholarships. Both authors will work on their latest projects and meet with the industry during their one-month creative stay.



Marta Dzido – writer, scriptwriter, director. Author of the novels “Ślad po mamie” (2003), “Małż” (Clams) (2005), “Fun.” (2018) of the hypertext novel “Matrioshka” (2013), a reporter’s book entitled “Women of Solidarity”. (2016) and texts printed in anthologies “I would prefer not to”. (2007), “Fighting is a woman” (2013). Graduate of the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Cinematographer of the documentary “The Underground State of Women”. (2009). As a director and scriptwriter, she made documentaries together with Piotr Śliwowski: “Paktofonika- hip-hop journey to the past (2009), “Downtown – Down City” (2010) (awarded, amongst others, by the Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award) “Solidarity according to Women”. (2014) – (awarded, among others, Beyond Borders – Krzysztof Kieślowski Award and special award of the Polish Film Institute) and “Siłaczki”. (2018) . In 2019, she received the European Union Prize for Literature for her novel “Fun”.


(Photo: D. Markiewicz)


Anastasia Gorokhova – born in 1986 in Russia, but spent her childhood in Germany. From 2003 to 2013 she lived in Moscow, where she studied political science and philosophy, worked as a journalist, translator and cultural manager. In 2019 she graduated from the German Academy of Film and Television in Berlin (Dffb) with a degree in screenwriting. She is currently writing her first novel.




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